Atlas Copco has expanded its ZS range of oil-free, energy saving, positive displacement screw blowers with the introduction of new models from ZS7 to ZS22. The new blowers will allow more customers with low pressure compressed air installations to benefit from the efficiencies offered by Atlas Copco’s ZS oil-free screw blower technology.
Atlas Copco Compressors’ ZS range is designed to meet today’s low carbon economy needs. The proven ZS screw blower technology is, on average, 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional lobe solutions. Since the initial launch of the range in 2010, several utility companies have already taken advantage of the benefits and energy savings offered by ZS technology. Subsequently, during the last review of the WIMES specification for blowers the guidelines were revised to include rotary screw blower technology for the first time. The introduction of the ZS7 to ZS22 blowers mean that the range now includes units starting at 7kW up to 250kW, allowing even more customers to make the most of the energy savings available.
An application video of the Atlas Copco ZS screw blower in a wastewater treatment plant is available on YouTube by searching for “Atlas Copco ZS screw blower in a wastewater treatment plant”

The impact of air blowers on energy usage
Many industries use air blowers for their processes and are starting to benefit from the energy saving that can be made when using Atlas Copco screw air blowers. Those that are benefit most are the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, where the aeration air blowers typically represent up to 70 percent of the total electricity costs. Here, millions of bacteria feed on organic waste, breaking it up into carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water. Because the bacteria need oxygen, large amounts of air is blown into aeration tanks.
Today, many of these plants use less efficient lobe technology, a technique that has experienced little development since its introduction in the late 19th century. By reducing the energy usage of their aeration blower system, these plants can lower their energy costs while operating in a more environmentally friendly manner.
Proven energy-efficient and reliable technology
The world-class efficiency of the ZS is mainly attributed to innovative design. Firstly, its superior screw technology – state-of-the-art, oil-free screw elements that incorporate years of experience and innovation, precision timing gears for proven reliability and increased uptime, together with industry proven element coating for closer tolerances and increased lifetime.
Other important features that contribute to increased efficiency and reliability are: the integrated gearbox that does not require belt and pulley replacement and is designed for reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime; the TEFC IP55 motor, designed for continuous operation in dusty and humid environments; and longer lifetime of bearings and gears due to lower oil temperature achieved by an optimum oil system design that includes an oil pump, oil cooler and filter.
The lobe technology widely used currently no longer meets the needs of today’s low carbon economy. Industries and applications such as waste water treatment, pneumatic conveying, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper and pulp, textiles, cement and general manufacturing, can benefit substantially from energy savings through the replacement of conventional lobe equipment with innovative and sustainable ZS screw technology.
Energy consumption typically represents 80 percent of the lifecycle costs of a blower. By offering energy-efficient screw technology within its air blower range, Atlas Copco can now offer a complete product portfolio of compressors and blowers for all applications and processes below 4 bar(e)/58 psig . Atlas Copco’s screw technology helps customers to save energy, which is a major advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.