With a linear straight-through design and interlocked front and rear doors, the new EDi13 ALTA general-purpose cabinet washer is ideally suited for through-the-wall installation between dirty and clean work areas, which allows complete and effective segregation of soiled and washed items to be readily achieved.
Designed for efficient batch washing a wide range of items, including trays, machine components/change parts, buckets and utensils, the machine is loaded with soiled items through its front door and, after washing is complete, the clean items are unloaded through the rear door. Both doors feature split construction and are perfectly counterbalanced to ensure ease of opening and closing.
The machine is supplied with standard re-enforced pull-out washing trays measuring 1320 mm x 700 mm, and can accommodate items up to 810 mm high. For convenient handling of heavier items, such as machine parts, smaller trays are optionally available.
Washing is accomplished by sustained jetting from rotating spray arms to ensure that all surfaces of the items to be washed are cleansed effectively. Supplied from an electrically heated tank, the wash water is automatically dosed with detergent. To minimise water, detergent and energy usage, the wash water is re-circulated via an efficient suction filter system that protects the wash pump and prevents residues from being deposited in the wash system.
The machine uses a heated fresh water rinse, with the heated rinse water recovered to the wash tank, ensuring once again ensuring efficient use of energy. The rinse water is usually set at 85°C, and is maintained at this temperature constantly during the rinse cycle for sanitisation purposes.  An operator-initiated automatic self-cleaning cycle is also provided allowing the machine to be kept in pristine condition with a minimum of effort.
IWM’s new EDi13 ALTA straight-through cabinet washer is controlled by a sealed membrane keypad with an integral display, which can be washed down without damage to ensure maximum hygiene. All major elements of the machine are fabricated from corrosion-proof high-grade stainless steel, and the whole machine has been carefully designed with no sharp corners, to eliminate dirt traps and facilitate cleaning.
For applications requiring compliance with HACCP regulations, the machine can optionally be fitted with a specially developed Monitoring System, which is available in three versions according to the needs of the end user.