The TEKA ZPF 6H and ZPF 9H central suction and filter units from Flextraction, supplier and manufacturer of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products, are both designed for use in fabrication shops, where large amounts of polluted air are to be cleaned.

They are central self-dusting cartridge filter systems incorporating multi suction from a number of extraction points within an industrial fabrication shop and are suitable for companies carrying out welding and general fabrication work with non-alloyed metal, precious metals, galvanised materials and aluminium.

Features of both units include a separation efficiency of more than 99 per cent conforming to welding fume category ‘W3’ for high alloyed steels, whilst the sound level is around 72bG(A) and they have fully automatic microprocessor controlled de-dusting, using ‘Pulse Control-steering’. This controls the de-dusting operation by automatically adjusting the airflow being used, which can, in turn, be monitored on an easy to read text indicator, whilst the units can be installed inside and outside, recirculation of cleaned air back into fabrication shop or in summer months to vent externally using a two-way branch and filter cartridges with supporting ties to protect the folds from sticking together.


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