Isolation specialist Master Lock Europe has launched three new safety kits. Each kit features Master Lock’s new S31 Padlock and contains everything needed to easily implement an effective Lock Out/Tag Out system in a wide variety of applications.

The S31’s 4.7mm stainless steel shackle allows it to be used with a variety of European-style breakers. The shackle and tough Zenex body resists harsh environments, chemicals and solvents, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments. An operating temperature range of -57°C to +177°C means it can be used in or outside.

Each kit include six S31 padlocks along with Master Lock 420 and 427 hasps, a Portable Safety Organiser and bilingual Lockout tags. The Electrical LO/TO kit  includes a cable lockout cover, electrical plug covers, lockout devices for standard, wide or tall breakers, miniature circuit breakers and a wall switch cover. The Valve LO/TO kit includes a cable lockout cover, a selection of gate valve covers, a SealTight valve lockout device and a universal handle-on ball valve lockout device. Master Lock also offers a combined kit which includes both sets of lockout devices.

Master Lock      

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