MecWash Systems’ Aqueous Vapour Degreaser (AVD) is suitable for a variety of installations particularly manufacturing cells where where small batch, high value components are being processed.

With its small footprint of less than 1.2m x 2.3m and an overall height of under 2.4m, the AVD is fully self-contained. Designed to remove all types of contamination such as soluble and mineral oils or greases, polishing compounds, lapping pastes and NDT dye penetrants, the MecWash AVD is recognised as an alternative to solvent degreasing. The unit cleans and degreases components via a single rotating, oscillating or static drum within which products are held.  The washing process – with optional high temperature cleaning, in excess of 100°C where needed – takes place in this single chamber with components subjected to immersion and spray wash, immersion and spray rinses and hot air drying. “Operation at such elevated temperatures produces a high level of thermal energy that in turn softens and breaks down soils that would normally be resistant to aqueous cleaning,” comments MecWash Systems managing director John Pattison. This same process reduces the viscosity and surface tension of the solution, which helps to achieve penetration of small diameter holes – with the cleaning and drying results therefore achieved much more quickly.

“The unit can also be fitted with ultrasonic washing and vacuum drying where necessary,” adds Pattison, who says the design can help customers address the increasing number of guidelines, regulations and documentation associated with solvent usage.

MecWash Systems has been at the forefront of component cleaning technology for almost two decades and each of its stand-alone systems – all based on the use of aqueous solutions – are known for their performance and environmental benefits. The AVD sits alongside the company’s other acclaimed systems including the Duo and the Midi designs.

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