With growing interest in its expanding range of award-winning cleaning machines, Hako has strengthened its Demonstration Team with the appointment of Stephen Waterworth.

Stephen returns to the cleaning industry after spending the past four years in the automotive manufacturing sector. He brings with him a wealth of experience, having worked for many years as a technical advisor and cleaning equipment product demonstrator.


The 49-year-old explained: “It feels fantastic to be back in the industry, and I’m particularly pleased to have joined the Hako team as I’ve always been impressed by the quality and performance of the company’s product range.”


As a Demonstrator Trainer, Stephen will be visiting a wide range of potential customers from across different industry sectors and he says that no two days are ever the same.


“Every customer is different, as are the challenges they face, and together with the Sales Team we have to work out a demonstration programme that shows we understand their needs, as well as the effectiveness of the equipment.


“It is really satisfying when the potential customer can see the end result, especially when our machines haven’t been used on their floor before. The contrast between the floor we’ve covered and the floor outside the demonstration area can be dramatic, particularly in environments such as warehouses and factories.


“At the end of the day, potential customers aren’t really interested in a long list of features or statistics, it’s the end result that matters to them.”


Stephen lives in Northamptonshire, just a short distance from Hako’s headquarters in Crick. Away from work he enjoys motorsport, cricket and rugby and has travelled to far-flung locations such as Hong Kong and Dubai for major sporting events.


On Stephen’s appointment, Hako Sales Director Sylvie Giangolini commented: “We are delighted to welcome Stephen to the team. His experience will prove a huge asset to the company, as will his enthusiasm and product knowledge.


“The work of the Demonstration Team is vital to our success, and to helping customers to get the best out of our machines. Stephen is already proving himself to be a popular member of the team with a real passion for our products.”