CompAir has strengthened its compressor controller range with the addition of the SmartAir Lite and a new visualisation package for the SmartAir Master.

Designed to intelligently control up to four fixed speed compressors, the SmartAir Lite ensures the most efficient combination is selected for each application, avoiding the risk and costs of offload running and helping to reduce energy consumption by up to 30 per cent.

Where compressors of the same capacity are installed, the system has the ability to equalise running hours so that no machine is over or underused, resulting in longer maintenance intervals and lower overall maintenance costs.

The unit’s real time clock and timer control enables users to start and stop ­compressors at pre-set times allowing the system to reach its target pressure level prior to production, so users have compressed air availability at the start of a shift.

System set up and operating modules can be changed via the SmartAir Lite’s  easy-to-use LED display.

Some controllers require a high degree of technical input and detailed information about each compressor in the network to be installed correctly. In contrast, once each compressor is connected to the SmartAir Lite, the engineer needs to enter only minimal information as the controller will automatically identify all CompAir units in the system and will self-programme many stages.

Non-CompAir compressors in the network can be easily connected to the SmartAir Lite via one simple i-PCB.

CompAir has also enhanced its controller range with a visualisation package for the SmartAir Master, allowing users to monitor compressor systems remotely.

The SmartAir Master will intelligently control up to 12 compressors, fixed or ­variable speed, by operating all of the compressors in the network to the narrowest pressure band.

The visualisation package allows users to connect to the SmartAir Master via a dedicated web server which is given an IP address and can then be accessed by anyone with permission on the network using a standard internet browser, either at work, home or on the move.

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