Cambridge based, Hypro, a specialist in spray nozzles has a newly engineered Impact-Pro nozzle said to have a 16 per cent higher impact spray than competitor brands. This means they use less water and pump power to achieve the required cleaning results and are said to be suitable for demanding pressure washing applications.

With a uniform, even spray pattern and flows up to 65l/min the Impact-Pro nozzles are suitable for use in applications such as hard surface cleaning, conveyor washing, building disinfection, drain cleaning, food processing and label removal operations.

Industrial product sales manager Paul Herbert says: “The Impact-Pro nozzle was compared with four leading competing pressure wash nozzles and the results show that it achieved 16 per cent more force and a highly consistent impact across the spray footprint, whereas the other nozzles tended to fall off towards the edges, reducing their overall impact performance.”

Also new to the European market are Hypro’s Sudden Impact rotating spray nozzles (pictured). The 0° jet concentrates the spray in a rotating 24 or 30 degree pattern to give an ultra high impact for very fast cleaning ­performance.


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