NOV Mono’s TR Muncher has been specified by United Utilities to increase process efficiency at its Warrington North (Gatewarth) wastewater treatment works by preventing pump blockages.

The site was experiencing problems with two of its Flygt pumps which would block and cause downtime. A solution was required which would protect the two pumps from the high rag content of the sludge they transferred, but also fit at the bottom of a four-meter deep dry well where the pumps were.

Mono’s TR Muncher, which macerates heavy solids and rags to a small particle size, provided the solution. It is designed for efficient treatment of abrasive sludges. The differential speed of the cutter stacks pulls apart fibrous material, while the leading edge and sides of the cutter teeth crop and shear materials such as plastic. The circumferential ‘land’ of the cutter crushes friable or brittle material and the pull back cutter stack allows removal without disturbing the pipeline. The layback cutter shafts are set at an angle to the flow which allows the Muncher to

capture irregular shaped objects.