SSI Schaefer has designed, delivered and installed a new dual purpose picking and storage system for IDS Logistics in Sheffield on behalf of high street fashion retailer Republic.

Adrian Robinson, logistics director for third party logistics provider IDS, says: “We needed SSI Schaefer to design a new system that would handle Republic’s retail store consignments and fulfill its online shopping orders with ease – a challenge more than accomplished with the automated dual purpose picking and storage system now in operation.”

He continues: “The installation has enabled us to drop a shift – previously we worked two, sometimes three shifts – we now work one full shift with extra hours to handle late order e-commerce shipments. Currently running at just half its capacity in order to achieve the revised shift pattern, the system has significantly increased picking and shipping ­accuracy. We are extremely pleased with how the system is operating.”

The system is made up of low-level adjustable pallet racking, incorporating shelving for carton picking and pallets for bulk storage. An extensive conveyor system, with a re-circulating facility, routes and delivers cartons of product to a series of ‘put to store’ zones, where items are then individually picked and sorted to store delivery totes. The dual system is effective because full carton volumes of ­product are picked and supplied for sortation and distribution in specific quantities to stores and residual items are passed automatically via the conveyor to supply or replenish separate e-commerce picking locations without having to be returned to stock. A ‘carton-live’ tote buffer ­accumulates full totes before being palletised for shipment to stores.

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