What’s most important to you when considering which high-speed door to buy; reliability, door speed, build quality, product choice, value for money, after sales service and maintenance, proven track record of installing doors in the food and processing industry? Here at EFAFLEX we have it all covered!

EFAFLEX UK, a subsidiary of the German Head Quarters has the benefit of 40 years’ experience in the high-speed door industry. This coupled with our pioneering design and precision engineering make us the product of choice for a multitude of chill and cold store applications.

A company of firsts, we continually push the boundaries of product innovation to ensure we offer clients cutting edge technology to help reduce their energy costs, improve their safety and provide a value for money solution.

Recently we were chosen by a major food processing company to assist. The client had previously used a variety of fabric speed doors, but chose EFAFLEX to maintain critical temperature control between the ambient and chilled food areas. Darren Turrell, EFAFLEX’s Managing Director stated, ‘We offer the first truly single door solution for deep freeze areas, to provide both the fastest operational speeds, coupled with the best insulation for spiral doors; they are practically hermetically sealed.’

He went on to say, ‘It’s a delicate balancing act for chilled and frozen food processors; that of maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing the impact on ambient areas. Our energy -efficient doors are engineered to the highest quality and feature frames and laths that combat heat loss, substantially reducing energy costs, and creating constant climate conditions in deep- freeze units.’

The EFA-SST®-ISO-60 combines two EFAFLEX door technologies; our unique patented spiral design coupled with the highly insulated door laths, which together provide an innovative solution to reduce energy bills while maintaining a safe working environment.

The further addition of the EFA-TK-100 takes performance a step further with heat transfer of down to 0.62W/m²K at dimensions W4000 x H4500 mm, this low-energy door achieves more than any of its competitors. A dynamic door blade and AFM (Active Framework Mechanism) ensures that the door blade remains mechanically sealed against the door frame when closed, practically providing a hermetical seal between temperature controlled and ambient areas.


Contact surface heaters are employed throughout the whole door. They are fully integrated between each insulated lath, at either side, at the head of the door and bottom sealing bar resulting in a U value down to 0.74 W/m²K in operational temperatures between +/- 30°c making it ideal for cold stores and loading areas.

Turrell summarised the benefits. ‘Reducing energy costs are fundamental to businesses operating within the food industry, but movement of produce is essential. Considering appropriate insulation of buildings and effective cooling systems can only go so far, but goods in and out creates unavoidable door openings. With our help, clients can create constant refrigeration in cold storage areas. With the benefit of fast opening door blade speeds of up to 2 meters per second, heat loss and energy costs are minimised.’

Turrell went on ‘The hallmark German precision engineering is well known within the industry with the likes of Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Lidl all trusting EFAFLEX high – speed doors to provide exceptional performance and add value to their premises.’

EFAFLEX doors are installed across 50 countries and 5 continents supplied in the UK with a full inspection, service and maintenance programme completed by factory trained EFAFLEX technicians.

See the doors in action and talk through your next project with a member of our experienced team. Visit us at IMHX stand 10H55.


EFAFLEX – an asset to any business.