Devon based Alpha Lifting services has been enjoying success in the UK with Verlinde’s ATEX (explosion proof ­products) cranes and equipment. There has been an upsurge in demand for explosion proof products in a wide range of sectors, from the traditional industrial and petrochemical markets, to new manufacturing, engineering and health and safety environments needing to comply with the latest EU industry standards.

Verlinde’s most popular products in this field are the Eurolift, Eurochain and Eurobloc products, said to remain identical in performance to the standard cranes of this type but are fully EX (ATEX certified) explosion proof.

While ATEX products are often perceived as products for the petrochemical industry, the fact is many materials in dust form (if they oxidise) can generate a potentially explosive mix. While coal is the well-known example, other, seemingly more ­mundane substances can be equally dangerous. These include flour, sugar and even powdered milk – which puts ATEX cranes high on the menu for the food industry too.

“The market for explosion proof products is growing and in some ways doing much better than the market for standard lifting equipment,” says Thomas Descamps, managing director of Verlinde. “Verlinde explosion proof products are set apart by the use of spark proof materials (such as bronze) and by having units sealed to protect them from flammable gases or dusts that may be present in hazardous environments.”

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