A range of heavy duty conveyor chain specially designed for harsh environments is now available in the UK from Letchworth-based FB Chain. Made in Finland, where it has been used to power conveyors working in timber and wood industries, the chain’s pins and bushes are welded to the side plate rather than simply riveted in place.

According to FB Chain, the welded construction method results in a chain with a breaking load some 30 per cent higher than the riveted alternative. FB Chain says, this construction offers greater resistance to shock loading and improved fatigue strength.

The chain is suitable for the quarrying, construction and recycling industries.

“The harsh environment of any quarry, recycling or construction site puts extraordinary pressure on the conveying equipment,” says Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain. “Chain conveyor applications are rarely the same with the volume and type of product being conveyed varying considerably. This places many different demands on the choice of conveyor chain and the selection process should be carefully considered.

“Conveyors are often at the heart of these operations and any chain malfunction can result in costly downtime. Our heavy duty welded chain has proved itself throughout the Scandinavian timber industry over many years and I am sure it will be welcomed by anyone for whom reliable conveyors are essential.”