Feeler is releasing two innovative new five-axis machining centres via exclusive UK agent, TDT Technology. Designed to offer a cost-effective entry into five-axis operations, the Feeler U600 vertical machining centre and U800-5AX gantry-type machining centre offer speed, precision and performance based on an intelligent machining platform and a host of novel innovations.

By way of example, the Feeler U600 offers a patented configuration whereby the machining capacity allows a workpiece diameter larger than its axis travel. Furthermore, the machine offers access to the working area via sliding doors on two sides of its periphery for ease of operation, monitoring and load/unload.

Intelligent machining is at the core of the U600. For instance, a ‘Chatter Lobe’ program is deployed to predict and prevent the occurrence of chatter during machining based on a few simple input parameters. In addition, due to the separation of the axes of linear and rotary movement, any curve tolerance or error that occurs during five-axis machining can easily be controlled and adjusted. Among those set to benefit are manufacturers in the automotive, telecommunications, medical, aerospace and mould-making industries.

The compact Feeler U600 offers travel in the X, Y and Z axes of 460 by 520 by 400mm respectively. A-axis rotation is possible from -40 to +110°, with full 360° rotation in the C axis. Also featured is a 600mm diameter table (manufactured by LCM of Italy, which is also represented by TDT Technology) that can support workpieces weighing up to 250kg. The BT40 direct-drive spindle rotates at 10,000 rpm (12,000 and 15,000 rpm options), although a 20,000 rpm built-in spindle is also available.

Rapid traverse rate in the linear axes is 30m/min, while an arm-type 24-station (30-station and 40-station options) ATC offers a tool-to-tool change time of 2.5 seconds. Among the options is linear scales and thermal compensation on all five axes.

Also released in the UK is the new Feeler U800-5AX gantry-type five-axis machining centre, which is designed for where ultra-high precision and extra-fine finish are required. This is facilitated by the machine’s gantry structure together with U-shaped base and column, helping bring stability to new levels. Furthermore, the 800mm diameter swivelling/rotary table is capable of supporting loads up to 1200kg. Tilt in the A axis extends from -120 to +120°, with full 360° rotation in the C axis.

Like the U600, the U800-5AX is configured to offer a separated design of the linear and rotary axes, thus making it easy to compensate for errors of radius in the rotating axes, for example.

A rapid traverse rate of 48m/min in the linear axes is supported by a 12,000 rpm direct-drive spindle, although an 18,000 rpm built-in spindle is also available. Efficient chip removal, THK roller-type linear guides and a horizontal-type 32-tool (48-tool and 60-tool options) magazine offering 2.5 seconds tool-to-tool time are among additional features of the Feeler U800-5AX. Travel in the X, Y and Z axes is 800 by 935 by 640mm respectively.