Kardex Remstar alongside their customer Church Pharmacy and systems integrator UpSteam.uk have been shortlisted in the Supply Chain Excellence Awards in 2022

Pharma distribution is changing due to rapid growth. Church Pharmacy are one of the largest pharmacies in the UK.  They embraced a major digital transformation using Kardex Vertical Buffer Module ‘VBM’ which has automated their warehouse delivering increased production within their warehouse distribution.

Church Pharmacy working with UpSTEAM.uk a system integrator took the decision to move from a traditional to an automated warehouse process. Kardex Vertical Buffer Module is part of their fast-growing product ranges for companies with limited storage space. It’s a scalable shelf system with a movable mast that transports a bin of stock that fits seamlessly into many Pharmaceutical existing processes and building layouts.

Enhanced security and greater visibility and ease of use are one of the main benefits of innovation. The software for the VBM can be key as it meets a modern operating concept with a capacitive touchscreen for a faster and intuitive operation as well as higher security of products and data. The associated software is web-based and therefore works with a wide range of hardware and other software solutions.

In Pharma production and distribution parts, raw materials and products often require special storage conditions. Depending on needs, Kardex supplies four controlled environment solutions. These solutions can be integrated into a company’s existing storage and retrieval system and, as a result, sensitive goods are always protected.

“As a pharmacist Church Pharma have a lot of requirements for picking by batch or expiry date, with products in ambient storage and refrigerated units meaning that their order lines can vary.”  said Aaron Thornton Kardex Remstar, NB Director UK/Ireland “The impact of innovation at Church Pharmacy has been quite phenomenal. Working with UpSTEAM and the use of batch software in conjunction with our Power Pick Systems has dramatically increased the efficiency at Church Pharmacy and made it a much more streamlined process.”

Digitalisation is a major benefit with Kardex Power Pick software integrating with a flexible batching and fulfilment tool designed by UpSTEAM.uk which helps increase picking speeds and efficiency by added 35-40%. This ensures all stocked items are delivered on-time for efficient picking whilst delivering a tailored solution based on material process and fulfilment flow.

Automation delivered greater productivity for Church Pharmacy with time spent picking reduced from 24 man-hours a day to just six. Picking accuracy – a critical factor in the pharmaceutical sector – has increased to 99.9%. With a 70% increase in picking speed, the solution for Church Pharmacy has a predicted ROI of less than two years. To learn more visit the full story at Kardex or contact us direct at info.remstar.uk@kardex.com