Kontron, a global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), will present its first systems with Kontron WideLink support at SPS IPC Drives 2017 trade show in Nuremberg from November 28-30. This transmission method enables remote visualisation with monitors and control panels at up to 100 metres distance from the control computer. Kontron premiers WideLink technology with the new KBox C-102 series designed for control cabinet installation and the new Kontron FusionView as a decentralised industrial monitor.

Kontron WideLink is a transmission procedure independent from the operating system based on the IEEE1911 standard. It implements data communication between a remote visualisation unit and control computer through a standard CAT6 ethernet cable. Transmission via WideLink includes the digital display signals, the touch interface feedback as well as USB- and audio signals. WideLink routes these signals through the ethernet cable and provides them at the terminal device without time lag or quality loss. This transmission method does not engage the control computer’s CPU and memory, an operating system or any other supplemental software is not required; image data is transmitted uncompressed and up to Full HD resolution.

At SPS IPC Drives the company will demonstrate the WideLink technology in combination with the new KBox C-102 series. This high-performance industrial computing platform is based on the COM Express form factor and is suitable for all control cabinet applications. The new Kontron FusionView industrial monitor with its frameless design is used at the booth as a decentralised visualisation unit. It is remotely run by a KBox C-102 via WideLink technology.

Even in very complex and expansive production facilities, WideLink technology enables efficient and ergonomic visualisation solutions. It furthermore improves machine uptime, as the control computer can be run in a protected control cabinet with controlled ambient variables.