The MiniMinder is a miniature module that monitors and records the run time of equipment during the current maintenance period and the grand total run time for all maintenance intervals simply by connecting to your equipment’s switched side supply.

A green LED provides indication of time remaining before the next maintenance procedure and a visual alarm indication when the current maintenance interval has been exceeded. The LED can be used to show the current total hours run for the monitored equipment.

Maintenance intervals of up to 11.4 years (in 1 hour steps) can be quickly programmed using the  pin programming plug supplied. Versions are available powered from 30Vac, 110Vac, 48Vdc, 4Vdc or 1Vdc.


Typical applications include:

1. Remote indication of programmed alarm condition (OK or exceeded).

2. Control switching the machine to restrict or inhibit operation when the maintenance interval has been exceeded.

3. Direct connection to a PLC or PC machine controller.

4. USB stored data (Unit Identifier, Current Run Time, Programmed Maintenance Interval, Total Run Time, OK/EXpired status) transfer to PC.


MiniMinder modules can be supplied with pre-programmed maintenance intervals and output modes which are factory set during manufacture. The modules can also be assigned a unit identifier and labelled accordingly if required.