By minimising pressure drop, energy use and installation time Atlas Copco Compressors’ AIRnet compressed air piping system is said to be contributing to the energy efficiency, air quality and flexibility of manufacturing and process industry applications.

The AIRnet modular system of corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium pipes are durable and feature self-aligning, fully sealed polymer fittings with integrated O-rings that eliminate leaks.

AIRnet offers pipework with smooth, anodised internal surfaces which can cut friction by 50 per cent. The smooth bore fittings design features full diameter and internal fin guides to eliminate air flow restriction and turbulence, maintain the desired flow rate and guarantee the lowest pressure drop.This means reduced loading pressure at the compressor and lower power consumption. A pressure drop reduction of 1 bar results in seven per cent energy savings and ensures air supply is kept clean to protect downstream equipment and processes.