Beko Technologies’ oil-vapour measuring device Metpoint OCV has now been certified by TU¨V Nord in accordance with the requirements of ISO 8573-1, classes 1 to 4.

“Metpoint OCV is the first online system for the detection of the oil vapour content in compressed air worldwide, which can boast a certificate from an independent accredited institution,” says Beko product manager Roland Dunker.

“Beko is proud of this commendation, as it means safety for our customers and potential buyers through an internationally approved standard.”

Even ‘oil-free’ components give no guarantee of ‘oil-free’ compressed air because of contamination of the ambient air/intake air. In most cases, a certain residual oil content cannot be avoided in standard applications. This makes precise monitoring of the oil vapour content important. In critical production processes of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food production and surface coating, the analysis and control of compressed-air quality is a crucial factor. Metpoint OCV offers constant monitoring down to the range of a thousandth mg/m3, network compatible, with touchscreen display and 24/7 process reliability through online measurement.