The new range of Hi-DRI compressed air membrane dryers from Hi-line Industries has been re-engineered and is said to achieve new standards in reliability, performance and energy efficiency.

They feature a patented arrangement of structurally packed, permeable hollow fibres spirally wound on a support core. This creates an optimised design combining efficient air flow with high contact areas to maximise the drying performance within a compact unit size. These products are suitable for in-line installation to ensure the delivery of dry compressed air at the point of use.

As the humid compressed air passes through the Hi-DRI unit, water vapour diffuses through the walls of the hollow membrane fibres without loss of compressed air. At the dryer outlet, a small volume of the now dry air is expanded and released into the annular space between the membrane fibres and the outer aluminium shell. This air purge then sweeps away entrained water vapour to atmosphere as a humid air stream. This technology helps eliminate condensation, oxidation and microbial growth, resulting in reliable and predictable performance of downstream air operated equipment.