A well maintained, fully charged compressed air dryer is a vital component in ensuring the efficiency of any compressed air system’s operation – so it may surprise users to know that new environmental regulations mean many dryers are about to become redundant.

If current model dryers break down,  it may be impossible to repair them because over 40 per cent of dryers use HCFC R22 gas and under new F-Gas regulations only recycled product can be used – but it’s rapidly running out.

Worse still, recycled R22 will be banned from the end of 2014. Virgin R22 gas was banned last year, and since July this year all users with refrigeration dryers utilising 3kg or more of HCFCs must be inspected by a qualified engineer every 12 months.

Thorite can provide full information on R22 gas redundancy. A member of its Capital Equipment Team can visit businesses and answer questions, as well as provide a quote for a replacement dryer and by-pass system.

Thorite can also provide fully qualified engineers to check dryers and complete compressed air installations, to give total peace of mind that all F-Gas obligations are being met.

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