Faster performance as well as increased capability and service life have been achieved by a new drive system on the upgraded Cavity Auto Scanning Laser System (C-ALS), a core product for York-based Measurement Device Limited (MDL). Several of the transmission components that complete the drive system were supplied by R. A. Rodriguez, including KHK spiral bevel gears. These were speedily modified from stock items for MDL’s use.

C-ALS is a miniaturised, ruggedised 3D laser scanning system designed to survey remote, inaccessible voids and cavities, safely. Modified KHK spiral bevel gears were an important element in the design. These high precision, strong gears have high load ratings and run at speed with minimal noise and vibration, important performance factors for MDL. Steven Ball, MDL’s Chairman concludes: “The new, drive system allows the probe to scan four times faster than the previous unit. Its capability and service life is also increased many times over.”