SSI Schaefer has just completed the design and installation of a three-tier modular shelving system area for STIHL in Camberley, Surrey, along with a complete overhaul of the entire pallet racking within the site.

A Regal 3000 three-tier installation has been built to exacting customer specifications, designed in accordance with British Building Regulations, allowing STIHL to develop the business over time without worrying about additional space. The multi-tier structure can be added to as required to fit in with future storage requirements.

Paul Brennan, project manager, says: “The multi-tier shelving system, built in line with current building regulations, has provided STIHL with a unique spare parts storage area able to accommodate all items previously stored in a number of carousel machines. The flexibility and adaptability of the shelving system will see us through the next phase of business growth.”

The layout of the existing warehouse was completely reorganised while the customer was still trading. Five obsolete vertical carousel machines have been replaced with the multi-tier structure allowing operatives to access parts more easily during peak times. Faster selling lines are located on the ground floor where they are readily accessible.