Selecting the fume extraction system for your facility has never been easier with the new ‘Fume Extraction Selector’ from Nederman. Innovator in the field of fume and dust extraction, Nederman has launched its comprehensive new on-line selection tool.

The new online selection tool simplifies the selection process for welding workshops and factories with dust or fume issues when acquiring the most efficient and effective  ‘at source’ extraction solution. Available online via PC, tablet and mobile devices, the new ‘selector’ identifies your ideal solution based on the parameters that you chose when guided through the easy to use on-line tool.

The ‘Fume Extraction Selector’ asks a few simple questions to decipher whether your application is mobile or stationary and how many 

workstations you require and how many hours you are operating equipment. From this, the selector asks multi-choice questions on your desired power supply, welding method, materials processed, automatic or manual fume extraction and more. From this, the intelligent online tool picks the most effective package for your needs. At this point, the customer is supplied with full technical specifications and a link to download the comprehensive brochure literature on the selected product.

This intuitive and easy-to-use tool is supported by the Nederman technical sales team that is always on-hand to give manufacturers full support throughout the selection process. The new online selection tool can be viewed here.