Gardner Denver distributor PSI Air Compressors & Blowers (PSI) has helped a leading wallpaper manufacturer achieve energy savings of £12,000 a year by replacing an old compressor with a more efficient CompAir L75RS model.

Muraspec designs and produces high-end wall coverings for upmarket hotels, shops and residences around the world. The company’s production facility in Kent uses compressed air in all areas of its manufacturing operations. Having depended on its previous unit for more than 15 years, Muraspec began to evaluate how an updated model might deliver improved operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Keith Firmston, Engineering Manager at Muraspec, explains: “We have relied on PSI for a number of years for servicing and maintenance, so we asked them to implement a data logging exercise to monitor the efficiency and cost of our old compressor. While we knew it was inefficient, due to its age and being a fixed speed machine, it was important to prove this.

“PSI’s data logging system actually provided us with a series of undisputable facts and figures to show it would be worthwhile investing in new compressor technology. We were also able to use this data to ensure we specified a system that is fit for purpose, suitable for the daily demands placed on it.”

Chris Green, Managing Director of PSI, said: “We recommended a new CompAir L75RS compressor for Muraspec. The oil-lubricated rotary screw 75kW system is ideally sized to meet the needs of the company’s manufacturing facility, delivering nominal pressure of between 7.5 to 13 bar. The compressor features a high efficiency airend that allows operation at low rotational speeds, reducing overall energy costs. It is this advanced technology, coupled with the fact that the unit is appropriately sized for the demands placed on it, that is helping significantly reduce energy costs at the site.”

As well as the new compressor, PSI also supplied a new refrigerant dryer and filters. This ensures the compressed air generated remains dry and clean, protecting Muraspec’s process machinery from corrosion and damage.

“The replacement compressor incurs lower service and maintenance costs than the previous model too, which cuts costs even further,” adds Keith. “We have always received good service from PSI, and this new technology has helped us reduce our energy bills by £12,000 per annum, making a real difference to our bottom line.”

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