Gavin Harkin has joined Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) in a newly created role as operations manager to oversee IWM production and work alongside M.D., Carl Hollier, to implement a number of new management processes designed to improve quality, efficiency and machine designs. 

Having achieved a Prince 2 Foundation in Project Management, Gavin’s new role at IWM entails effective project management for new machine installations, machine refurbishments and after sales service in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, logistics and industrial industries.  Improving the project management of these tasks will greatly assist IWM’s profitability and repeat business moving forward.

“Joining the team at IWM is a big opportunity for me,” said Gavin. “The company is experiencing full expansion as far afield as Asia and the United States. I firmly believe we can build on the experience and know-how we have accumulated and provide quicker lead times to our customers as a result of streamlining processes and communications.”

With extensive experience in the machine-building sector, Gavin has worked for the past three years as project manager for a bioscience company specialising in industrial washers.

Before that, he was, for almost a decade, technical services manager at a blue chip company providing design, manufacture and installation of high quality laboratory and sterile environment equipment.