A new ‘Plant Maintenance Solutions’ brochure featuring an overview of the Q8 range of slideway lubricants, rust preventatives, greases and plant maintenance oils is now available from Q8Oils. Containing descriptions and approvals for the company’s full plant maintenance portfolio, the new brochure will enable customers to specify the correct product for their application. 
The lubricants, oils and greases covered within the Plant Maintenance Solutions brochure –the result of over 100 years of development and experience gained from working within a range of industrial sectors – include: Q8 Dynobear and Q8 Heavibear slideway lubricants; Q8 Erebus MP, Q8 El Greco and Q8 Gade gear oils; Q8 Verdi circulations oil; Q8 Haydn, Q8 Hellar, Q8 Hogarth, Q8 Holbein and Q8 Holst hydraulic oils; Q8 Schubert and Q8 Schumann compressor oils; Q8 Van Gogh turbine oil; Q8 Ravel A & D turbine oils; and the company’s range of greases including Q8 Rembrandt EP2, Q8 Rembrandt 3, Q8 Rembrandt Moly, Q8 Rubens EP00, Q8 Rubens EP2.5, Q8 Rubens TEP2, Q8 Copper Thread Compound and Q8 Fifth Wheel Grease.
Commenting for Q8Oils, brand and communication manager, Neil Grieve said: “The Plant Maintenance Solutions brochure confirms to customers that Q8Oils has a product range from which they can choose the correct plant maintenance solution for their processes and applications. In addition, our engineers, sales managers and technical help desk are always on hand to provide advice on products that will precisely match a customer’s specific needs.”
An English language version of the brochure is available immediately, with numerous translations becoming available in the coming weeks to cater for the 80 countries worldwide where Q8Oils sells plant maintenance oils.