Having saved primary manufacturing industries millions of pounds of expenditure through the introduction of bespoke materials handling solutions used to handle abrasive and hard to handle minerals and fuels, total solution provider Kingfisher Industrial is exhibiting at this year’s RWM 2012.

Having followed the trail of materials through to the recycling industry, they have built up a successful portfolio of applications where the alternative prior to their interaction was costly replacement or time consuming repair costs of MRF, glass, wood and aggregate recycling plants. They will be exhibiting a range materials and equipment used to extend the service life of recycling plant by meeting key industry demands for increased throughput and operational uptime, while reducing maintenance and running costs.

As the processing of mixed recycling materials becomes more efficient and mechanised, the ability to maximise earning potentials depends on efficient continual operation of all process critical plant and equipment. Kingfisher has spent over 30 years providing independent advice, engineered solutions and installation of wear protection solutions to suit this equipment, providing up to 20 years of guaranteed service-free use.

Already a leading supplier in the power generation and bulk solids handling sectors, Kingfisher is seeing an increasing demand for its knowhow from the waste and recycling sector, hence the reason for exhibiting at this year’s show. This is mainly due to industries target of reducing their operations carbon footprint, as manufacturing industry now utilises a far greater proportion of recycled material within their manufacturing process thus reducing expensive mineral extractive costs and can likewise reduce their fossil fuel costs through the combustion of secondary refuse fuels supplied by the municipal waste processing companies.

As a whole plethora of materials are now being recycled: including glass, ash, metals, plastics, wood, paper and even stone, these materials are extremely abrasive when transferred; especially so when they are conveyed in greater volumes and in larger automated operations where the process involves mechanical and pneumatic movement. If adequate wear protection is not provided, the inevitable result will be high levels of plant degradation that can cause premature failure such as perforations in pipework systems, transfer chutes, material separators, cyclones, fans, filters, crushing and shredding equipment resulting in spillages that can be difficult and costly to clean-up and if not controlled can result in breach of environmental legislation.

The RWM exhibition is being held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK from 11-13th September 2012. It is running alongside both The Energy Event and The Renewables Event so visit Kingfisher in Hall19 on stand N38 to see how these issues can be solved and how quickly your ROI can be achieved on both replacement and new process plant and equipment. For complimentary tickets contact Kingfisher directly at www.kingfisher-industrial.com