Mclennan has expanded its range of precision brushless DC motors that feature integrated drives with the introduction of a new five-wire version of the 24mm diameter KinetiX 24 EB from Allied Motion Technologies.

Previously available with two-wire brushless control in clockwise and counter-clockwise versions, the new motor includes speed adjustment and direction reversal inputs plus an 18 pulse per rev speed monitoring output.

With a nominal length of just 26mm, the compact motor design includes a low-cog outer rotor with an iron core for smooth speed performance whilst robust precision bearings allow high radial shaft loads. Available in 6, 12 or 24 VDC versions with rated power output of up to 2.7W, the motor specification includes a continuous torque output of up to 6mNm at a nominal speed of 4300rpm.

The new KinetiX 24 EB complements a range of larger integrated drive equipped brushless motors from Allied Motion and available from Mclennan. The complete range now covers diameters of 24mm, 32mm, 54mm and 68 mm, in two and five-wire control versions, that provide precision speed control for medical dispensing, laser scanning, high performance fans and pumps, and other exacting applications where fine motion control, long life and high reliability is essential.

The brushless and contact free construction of the KinetiX 24EB ensures a long working life and the drive electronics include reverse polarity and over current protection. For lower speed and higher output torque, Mclennan can supply this motor with a choice of spur or planetary gearboxes to suit application requirements. Further options include customised shafts, mounting flanges, winding and connector configurations.