Boge has announced the launch of the S40-2 Bluekat, an oil-lubricated screw compressor with a built-in converter said to cost effectively produce absolutely oil free compressed air for small to medium compressed air users.

The ideal way to generate oil free compressed air is with an oil free compressor. However, the investment involved in this technology means this is usually the route for larger installations.

Bluekat is an oil-lubricated screw compressor with a built in converter that removes residual oil aerosols contained in the compressed air and breaks the hydrocarbon chain into carbon dioxide and water. The residual compressed air produced meets the quality requirements of ISO 8573-1 Class 1 and has been tested and certified to meet the exacting requirements of Class 0.

A further benefit of the Boge Bluekat is that traditional condensate treatment and disposal is eliminated and any residual condensate is clean water.