Palletower Limited are the global leader and the UK’s No.1 supplier of storage, handling and distribution equipment. With over 50 years’ experience, Palletower has established itself as the market leader within its industry.

Established in 1967, Palletower has continued to build its diverse portfolio of products. Organic growth coupled with careful investment has seen Palletower position itself into a key supplier to some of the world’s largest companies that operate within sectors such as, retail, logistics, warehousing and engineering.

Through innovative design and supply chain management, Palletower now provides access to extensive product lines, ranging from Roll Cage Pallets, Mesh Hypacages and Stillages, all the way to Retail Shopping Trolleys, Plastic Box Pallets, Garment Rails and Plastic Pallet Collars. It would be fair to assume that whatever your storage needs are, Palletower can provide the solution.

Palletower’s business model focuses on its ability to provide a large range of products immediately from stock, whilst maintaining top quality standards of manufacturing and service. The ability to provide customers with such a diverse range of products with such a short lead time is testament to the large-scale operation that Palletower runs. The acquisition of multiple warehousing facilities in the Manchester area means that more product lines can be stocked, enhancing the variety of equipment that can be offered to the customer.

Continued investment into product development and design has ensured that Palletower has stayed at the industry forefront when it comes to quality manufacturing and increasing challenging industry requirements. The manufacturing and assembly lines in both China and the UK provides the capacity to fulfil major export contracts. Established, strategically placed key distributers have allowed for export sales to rise year on year with no sign of slowing down, with annual exports to over 25 countries indicative of how Palletower operates on the global stage.

Palletower are deservedly recognised as the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of Roll Cage Pallets in the UK and Europe. The Palletower ‘A’ frame Roll Pallet continues to be the market leading design when it comes to Roll Cage Pallets. Palletower offer more than 40 Roll Pallet designs to choose from, which include but are not limited to, nestable, demountable, heavy duty, jumbo and full security. There will be a unit suitable for use in most applications and environments such as retail supermarkets, warehousing, logistics and laundry facilities; a small insight into the large spectrum of industries Palletower supply.

The equipment rental service on offer from Palletower is of outstanding quality and price, with the largest rental roll cage fleet in Europe ready for hire immediately. No initial capital outlay required as well as no minimum quantity or hire term. The easy identification of the Palletower rental fleet reduces the chance of lost and stolen cages, which in turn, improves cost effectiveness.

In addition to supplying a wide range of product lines and designs, Palletower also offer a large used equipment range as an alternative to new, including the largest stocks of Stillages and Plastic Box Pallets in the UK. Selected products lines are indeed categorised as Once Used Only; hugely beneficial and cost effective where budgets are stretched.  

The largest and most diverse range of storage, handling and distribution equipment in the UK – Buy or Rent, New or Used, providing customers with an opportunity to secure the right product at the right price!