The POS-Line monitor range has been designed specifically for industrial use. With high quality monitors available in sizes up to 65” the POS-line monitors are suitable for interactive kiosks, digital signage, multimedia and industrial applications.

Within the POS Line series we have designed and developed fireload optimised displays. The fireload optimised displays in sizes 32”/42”/46” and 55” are ideal for places where the special fire protection rules apply, such as designated escape routes. For example hospitals, universities, airports, factories or public areas of a building with a stairway or corridor that is also used as an escape route in the event of a fire.

The fireload optimised monitors have been designed to meet the requirements without the need for expensive housing, with low contribution of fire and smoke gas emission. The fireload optimised displays were tested and certified according to DIN EN 13501-1 with SBI method EN 13823:2010-12. The class is B-s1,d0.

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