When you embark on any kind of build project there are inevitably going to be moments when you’re either extremely glad to have a competent team around you or moments where you wish you’d got a competent team around you.

Smart-Space has always offered a complete turn-key solution but the option to take it up is definitely on the rise in popularity. The company attributes this to several factors: compliance and legalities, knowing what you’re doing and understanding that, in the long run, it can be considerably less expensive.

The minute you start to get your own team of builders or installers on-site, or your contractor brings in sub-contractors, they are your responsibility. This isn’t the case when they’re directly and fully employed by the main contractor. Smart-Space has its own teams of installers operating all over the UK who are employed and therefore they manage all the compliance and assume all of the risk.

“Our compliance team is all over every aspect of the build, before we have even stepped inside the gates – from people to plant to product. Managing this yourself, particularly when you might not have done it before, throws up all kinds of issues and tests your knowledge thoroughly. Having a team in place with all the right certification makes life a whole lot calmer and less stressful” commented Paul Davies, Smart-Space’s Compliance Manager.

“One of the biggest factors for me was that, as principle contractors, health and safety was owned entirely by Smart-Space. This vital aspect of the build, which of course is of paramount importance, was managed extremely well and allowed me more time to focus on the overall project. And there wasn’t a single incident.” Andy Cresswell, Group Facilities Manager, Sertec.

And so to the second point. Having a genuine understanding of the instant building business, with years of accumulated expertise and established processes, guarantees it’ll be completed quicker with an eye on every last detail. A site survey undertaken by Smart-Space before starting work allows the team to see what needs to be addressed before, during and after each installation.

“A fully managed project might seem a more expensive option at the outset but, overall, with money saved and all compliance managed, it is likely to save you money. Expensive mistakes are anticipated and the success of a project can come down to its project management, it’s that simple” explained Jason Lynock, Sales Director at Smart-Space. “Getting it exactly right is really important to us all.”