Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei has provided new equipment for stationery producer British Loose Leaf, with assistance from a Carbon Trust loan to allow the company to start seeing immediate energy savings.

The factory, based in Crayford, Kent, requires compressed air for the production of ring binders and presentation folders. The plant had two existing Mattei 30kW fixed speed machines that had delivered many years of reliable service, but a no-obligation audit revealed that the efficiency of the system could be improved.

After specifying an Optima 30, a variable speed compressor that data logging had shown had the potential to deliver energy savings of 36 per cent, Mattei’s Lee Lodge offered advice to the company on obtaining a Carbon Trust loan.

Andy Jones, general manager of Mattei, says: “The Carbon Trust loan scheme enables companies to invest in energy saving equipment which they might have struggled to finance. It is anticipated the energy savings will offset loan repayments, so the new equipment pays for itself.”

British Loose Leaf was able to obtain a loan to cover the cost of approximately two thirds of the new Mattei compressor. Rob Kayabasi, production manager at the company, commented: “We anticipate that the financial savings we will make from using more energy efficient equipment will pay for the new compressor within a few years.”