SSI Schaefer has completed an installation of thousands of additional pallet positions and pickfaces for cartons and small items for Kiddicare, which is now owned by Morrisons.

The project was an extension to a pallet racking bulk store area and multi-level picking module with an integrated conveyor system which it completed for the compay in 2008 at its  then 160,000ft2 warehouse in Peterborough. The extension increases the size of the warehouse footprint by 3180m².

The Kiddicare warehouse, which stores a high value of stock ready for despatch, currently supports a predominantly online business; however there are plans to open 10 additional retail outlets across the UK which will be replenished with goods from a new central distribution centre in Daventry.

Now comprising wide aisle, double-deep adjustable pallet racking, a substantial area of the original racking was removed, relocated and reassembled to accommodate a new three-tier rack-supported pick tower linked to the existing pick tower by high level bridge walkways to enable operator movement between the two areas.  The top floor of the three-tier pick tower consists of shelving dedicated to the storage of small items; pallets are stored below, on the ground and on the two remaining levels. Mesh decking is installed above the pallet locations on these two levels to provide additional carton storage.

A separate conveyor system now takes complete and partly-picked orders in totes away from the small items picking area before merging with the existing conveyor system, routed via existing picking zones, to arrive in the packing area. A new heavy duty spiral chute to enable fast track distribution around the warehouse was also installed.

To minimise disruption to daily operations, SSI Schaefer meticulously planned the project to ensure Kiddicare remained fully operational throughout the entire period of installation.

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