ICS Industrial Cooling has successfully ­prevented Bucks Metal Finishers from stalling its production processes due to old, failing ­temperature control units

Bucks Metal Finishers specialises in coating aluminium extruders, for use in a diverse range of industries using a process known as anodising which increases the thickness of the natural layer on the surface of metal parts. In brief, the raw aluminium is cleaned and degreased in a strong chemical solution ensuring all impurities are removed ready for plating. The metal is then placed in the anodising solution, which needs to be maintained at a temperature of between 16 to 18°C.

As the chemical reaction takes place, it produces heat which must be cooled in order to maintain the required temperature. In addition to this, the coating is available in various thicknesses which can only be achieved using temperature control; demonstrating how vital these units are to the production process of the business. Once the anodising is complete, the metal is left outside to air dry and harden in the summer months, or placed in a boil tank to harden during the cooler winter months.

The units Bucks were originally using were struggling to meet demand; resulting in a slower service for their customers. What’s more, to meet production targets the power supply to these units were required 24/7 producing large electricity overheads.

ICS understood Bucks were restricted on budget and worked with them to supply and install two ex-rental units; a TAE 161 evo chiller and heat exchanger. The TAE was fitted with a reverse pump; specifically catering for their open tank set up.

The water is pulled from the tank, cooled then pumped back, creating a re-circulating process. In addition, the TAE offers precise water temperature control which increases productivity and reduces production cycle times. The unit is designed with a closed circuit; allowing for precise temperature control independent of ambient conditions.

Originally, Bucks Metal Finishers could only process 10 loads per day, now it can produce between 18 and 25. It can also turn off the units overnight; saving energy costs and improving its carbon footprint.

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