Designed for efficient and cost-effective machining of steel and cast iron, the new MEGA-Speed-Drill from MAPAL, a supplier of cutting tools for precision machining applications, enables users to achieve up to three times the productivity of conventional drills without any significant increase in tool costs.

The new drills are equally suitable for wet and dry machining, and provide dependable results in even the most demanding of applications. The new cutting edge geometry featured by MEGA-Speed-Drills, which has an unequal cutting pitch and three guide chamfers, virtually eliminates vibration during machining and also reduces friction. In addition, the drills have highly polished flutes that guarantee optimal chip flow.

The drills are able to produce bores at more than twice the cutting speed and up to 30 per cent higher feed rate than conventional drills. This allows production to be reduced by up to 50 per cent compared with the use of standard carbide drills.

MAPAL’s new high-performance MEGA-Speed-Drills are offered in standard versions with diame. MAPAL is also able to apply the innovative technologies used in MEGA-Speed-Drills to custom tools.


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