Recycling equipment engineering firm Middleton Engineering, is extending its hydraulic cylinder repair and fabrication service for operators of vertical and horizontal balers and other plant machinery, offering a typical turnaround of under four weeks and with capacity to handle cylinders up to 5.5 metres.

With many companies relying on imported baling presses and other hydraulic machinery, it is time consuming and expensive to source cylinder components when breakdowns occur, often leading to extended downtime. Middletons can repair or rebuild a customer’s original cylinder or manufacture a replacement in less time than it would take to import parts from overseas, offering an economical bespoke service which includes installation and set-up.

The service covers single and double acting hydraulic cylinders up to 5.5 metres in length and with internal bore sizes up to 300mm and working pressures of 250 bar, which covers most applications. High quality tubes, chrome rods, seals, end plates, heavy duty hydraulic hoses and even uprated laser positioning sensors for improved operation, can all be supplied to meet specific customer requirements.

Mark Smith, engineering director at Middletons explains: “Hydraulic cylinders form the heart of baling presses and, while these are designed for extreme working environments, they do occasionally break and should certainly be serviced at regular intervals. Operators relying on foreign machines can face months of downtime when breakdowns occur and in many cases they are unaware that repairs or replacements are available quickly in the UK.”

Middletons carries out cylinder rebuilds or replacements for most balers currently in use in the UK including their own range of heavy duty balers, as well as other plant machinery. Bespoke design and fabrication is also available. Recent projects have included a new gatherer cylinder piston rod and tube for an Excel 2R10 baler at KWD Recycling in Ireland, together with improved laser controlled positioning; a replacement cylinder tube for a Paal baler for Yield UK; plus a replacement cylinder for a Techgene Taiwanese baler at Sainsbury’s. Middletons are currently fabricating a replacement main cylinder for a Lindemann 1027 baling press at its workshops in Somerset.