The Parts Cleaning Innovation Platform of NCH Europe, the water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, is challenging UK companies to find a part it can’t clean within a minute. 

NCH will bring its Torrent 500 portable parts cleaning machine, for free, to the workshop of anyone in the industrial, food and beverage, automotive, aviation, rail, construction and manufacturing sectors. The Torrent 500 is designed to clean industrial parts weighing up to 50kg such as motor brackets, shafts, cooling fans, cylinder heads, pigment tools, injection moulding parts, inspection tools, as well as gear boxes and any other small to medium sized component.

Using a high-pressure jet of water-based cleaning fluid, housed in an enclosed unit with an isolation glove box, users can accurately and quickly clean parts without being exposed to chemicals. The internal tray can easily accommodate parts sized up to 650x450x400mm. 

Built with productivity in mind, the Torrent 500 alleviates the challenge often faced by workshops to clean machinery, equipment and parts in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, where the build-up of oil, grease, production contaminants and dirt can result in deposits on internal and external parts, making some of them almost impossible to remove.

“Traditional cleaning methods involve the use of harsh solvents, which often need soaking overnight and then hours of manual brushing to remove deposits,” explained Csaba Kisari, Marketing Director for the Parts Cleaning Innovation Platform of NCH Europe.

“Traditional part-washers expose users to hazardous solvents, skin-irritating hydrocarbons, noxious fumes, fire hazards, and other aggressive cleaning solutions. This all leads to potential health and safety issues,” continued Kisari.

“To overcome this challenge, we’ve introduced a rental service for the Torrent 500. This is not only safer for the user and the environment, but Torrent 500 revolutionises the way we clean. It cleans 90 per cent of parts within one minute and typically achieves £500 of savings per month.”

Torrent 500 boosts parts-cleaning efficiency by using the latest water based cleaning-fluid technology combined with heat and high pressure. Additionally, the Torrent 500 produces eight times less hazardous waste than previous parts cleaning solutions.

Industrial businesses can take the Torrent challenge by registering for free on the NCH Parts Cleaning website.