ESAB, a specialist in welding and cutting technologies, is launching the ICE (Integrated Cold Electrode) technology for boosting productivity in SAW (Submerged Arc Welding). By exploiting the excess heat generated during the welding process a non-powered welding wire can be melted, thereby raising the deposition rate by up to 50 per cent without any additional energy input being necessary.
The ICE technology enables tandem welding to be used for root passes, providing excellent penetration with high productivity in a process ESAB refers to as the High Deposition Root method. In some cases root welding productivity can be increased by up to 100 per cent.
Not only does ICE technology enable many joints to be welded with fewer runs, but it can also cut flux consumption by up to 20 per cent.  When productivity is increased with no additional energy input, energy consumption per joint is also lower.
The use of a cold welding wire also enables the welding process to be fine-tuned when making cap runs. As its name suggests, this Flat Cap Control feature produces a flatter weld cap, thereby improving fatigue resistance and reducing the amount of post-weld finishing required.