Beko Technologies, the compressed air system provider has launched an Internet-based training programme to transfer knowledge to staff worldwide.

The programmes of Beko online academy are also accessible now as an e-Learning course to non-Beko personnel such as engineers, universities, students, and compressed-air users.

Monique Abeels-Koch, head of the Beko Academy and managing partner of Beko Technologies, says: “The purpose of the academy is to be able to learn independently anywhere in the world and at a convenient time.”

Beko is active worldwide with 15 branch offices where it employs nearly 300 staff members – with an upward trend. This development made greater demands on the further education of the personnel and on the need for information for customers and their employees.

It was found the training courses did not guarantee learning efficiency. Different levels of knowledge, long journeys by the international participants and special requirements of their home markets complicated the learning program.

“After we had realised this we were working full-speed on the development of a new training system,” says Abeels-Koch.

The Beko Education Centre (BEC) developed a modular course of studies. Basics of Compressed-Air Technology is an introductory course subdivided into 12 topic modules with 25 interactive individual screens.

Register at or call 01527 575778. For a demo visit